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Iris and Seemore Animal Health Fund

About the Computer Geek

Nolan Glore has been fascinated with how things work since before he could talk. A collector of keys by age two, he could remember which key unlocked which lock and what person had given it to him. By age five, Nolan was hooking up electronic equipment for his single mother, such as VCR machines. He continued providing his electronic know how to her up through the present.

The son of the founder of this corporation, Nolan has kindly taken time from his college studies, to develop the website for the Iris Seemore Animal Health fund. Nolan is soon to graduate with a degree in Computer Engineering from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach Florida.

During his free time, Nolan loves to SCUBA dive. Since 2001, Nolan has explored the oceans, springs, and caves of Florida’s water wonderland. He has obtained his Dive Control Specialist certification, which allows him to be an assistant SCUBA instructor, along with many other technical diving certifications, including cave diving.

Far from fitting the definition of a geek, Nolan is very involved with a variety of clubs and interest groups at school. He is president of the Diving Eagles Scuba Club and participates in helping out at sports events in the area. His dreams include completing his master’s degree in Computer Engineering, exploring the coral reefs of the world, and eventually being a teacher in the field of computers.