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About the Recording Engineer

Mark Carney began music at the age of nine, wanting to be a Beatle. After searching for a guitar teacher in the town where he grew up in, he finally settled on a piano teacher to teach him all about music. At first he didn't like it at all; then after a few years he began to realize that he had a "knack" for this piano thing. So he studied for several years, working on being a classical pianist. With a love of music in all styles from classical to rock'n'roll, Mark developed a style all his own. After being in a rock and country band for several years, he was able to build his own studio and learn the versatility of the keyboards. With his keyboards, he was able to add a full orchestra or a simple violin of even a rock band behind whatever he was working on.

It wasn't until he heard the works of Yanni, Kevin Kern and Ciani that he realized he wasn't alone in the style of music that he loved to write. With his classical training and desire for form and rhythm, Mark has created a series of wonderful works for piano and keyboards. In all of his works, Mark wishes to take the listener.