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Iris and Seemore Animal Health Fund

About the Man Behind the Scenes

Billy Park is short and mighty! At five foot- three inches, Billy holds no degrees from any university, but he knows more about everything than most. Self taught in literature, mechanics, wood working, heating and plumbing, electrical wiring, phone communications, computers, driving, cooking, bottle washing, and laundry, Bill can do almost anything.

With his talents, coupled with his gentle nature and willingness to support his wife, the founder of this corporation, Bill is definitely been the power behind the woman. Running endless errands, mailing, distributing, selling, building display shelves, assisting with computer fixes, providing therapeutic services in calming founder’s anxieties, and being quick to respond to any statement beginning with the word, “BILL!” this man has truly been the foundation of the founder and her projects. When asked what he would do without her, he replies, “A lot less!”

Though born in Toronto, Bill identifies his true home as Groscap, a little hamlet located at the west end of Sault Ste Marie Ontario. Bill spent the majority of his childhood playing in the foot hills of the Canadian Shield which runs along the shoreline of Lake Superior. There he pretended to be Tarzan, catapulting from tree to tree on the branches of birch trees and camping under the stars on beds of pine needles.

Little did Bill realize that his strive to be like his super hero would come in handy. Like Tarzan, Bill’s strength and maneuverability over the rocky terrain of the Groscap cliffs, made him capable of rescuing several individuals on six different occasions in the summer of 1990. Bill modestly accepted an ‘Outstanding Citizenship’ award from the city council, but only after they agreed to honor his six year old neighbor, who had also saved the life of his younger brother after he fell off their dock into the water.

In 1991, while sitting on the beach with his buddies, Bill noticed a lady coming off the cliffs with her chocolate lab and young boy. Inviting them to join the group, the lady retrieved her friend, Jody, from the nearby motel and did so. According to the lady, it was love at first sound. A year later, Bill, Geri, Nolan and Heath Bar, her guide dog, married on the shoreline of Groscap and has been living happily ever after.