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Iris and Seemore Animal Health Fund

Walking Along With My Dog

Product Details

Author: Geri Taeckens

Illustrator: Deborah Carney

Guitarist: Tyler Dettloff

Bassist: Gary Garn

ISBN: 0-9774546-0-6

Format: Softcover, 28pp

Pub. date: 2005

Description: Book and CD


"Walking Along With My Dog" is a fun-loving book about a little girl named Iris and her guide dog, Seemore. The enclosed musical CD follows the story of these two main characters traversing happily through a silly town filled with mayhem. By listening to the jingle of Seemore's collar, young readers will know when to turn the page so they can follow the words and sing along with the song. With each new page, Iris, Seemore and their readers will pass many an old-fashioned shop and characters of all shapes and sizes. In both sunshine and rain, Iris and Seemore will meet an unicyclist, a potion seller, a lady with a funny hat, a caterpillar, dogs, cats and eventually a boy and his dog. The story's grand finale will bring the unique cast to a rainbow-covered park where they all continue to live happily ever after!