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Blind Man's Bluff

Product Details

Author: Geri Taeckens

Format: Softcover, 448pp

Pub. date: 2007

Description: Cover is done in black ink on a stark white background. On front is the Title, "Blind Man's Bluff." In the center is a pencil drawing by John Callahan of a personified pencil holding a cup of blind men. Picture is framed by a crazy paisley pattern. At the bottom it reads, "By Geri Taeckens."


Blind Man's Bluff is an autobiographical account of personal journey. Though the author travels under the cloud of impending tragedy, her struggle with pain and success are not unique.

Spanning over four decades, her story begins in the 1950's, portraying the carefree days of youth. Unfortunately, her happy-go-lucky nature fades. An unexpected encounter and the threat of impending loss, alters her view of the world. Believing the normal avenues for being accepted are disappearing, she is compelled to pretend she is someone she's not. Battling against an unknown darkness, she begins to slip in her fight to hold onto what she sees. To ease the pain, she follows a path of least resistance. Her thrill-seeking and addictions ultimately lead her to a dead-end road.

Discover how the power of love pulls her from darkness and teaches her the beauty of individual differences. After all, we are not who we appear to be, but who we see ourselves to be.