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Iris and Seemore Animal Health Fund

How You Can Help

There are several ways in which an individual, group, or business can help raise money for animals with serious medical needs. They are as follows:
  1. Purchase ISAHEALTH Fund Products:

    All profits from direct purchases from this website will go to the ISAHEALTH Fund. The ISAHEALTH Fund Advisory Committee will evaluate applications by service animal owners and friends. Depending on the financial resources of this fund, they will determine how much they can allocate to each applicant.

  2. Established Business Purchases:

    Any established business or organization can contract with ISAHEALTH Fund to purchase products at wholesale cost. They may then use the profits from the sale of these purchased products for animal medical needs of their choice. In order to obtain products, businesses or groups must complete an application and sign a contract to ensure they will use the proceeds for the agreed upon cause. The ISAHEALTH Fund Advisory Committee will review all applicants and determine whether they meet the criteria for buying and selling ISAHEALTH Fund products.

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  3. Independent Purchases:

    Any individual or non-established group of individuals who would like to raise money for a particular animal medical need can apply to purchase ISAHEALTH Fund products. They must agree to purchase them at retail cost and then sell them at the same price. The ISAHEALTH Fund will, in turn, send the total profits of these purchases directly to the veterinarian identified on the application and contract which is legally binding by both the independent person or persons and ISAHEALTH Fund.

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  4. Donations:

    Any and all donations are more than welcome and are greatly appreciated by service animals with medical needs. This nonprofit corporation was able to be developed, in part, due to the generosity of several donators. Without the kind hearts of animal lovers, many service animals would not be working today. Please help these hard-working, dedicated K-9 employees when they are feeling down.

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