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Iris and Seemore Animal Health Fund

Independent Application

This application is for independent individuals who wish to act as retailers purchasing ISAHEALTH Fund products to be sold on behalf of an animal they own or know. As a retailer, you will be responsible for buying specified products at retail costs in order to receive the proceeds from the purchases you make. Once your purchase has been made, ISAHEALTH Fund will send a check equal to the amount of the proceeds incurred by your purchase, to the animal.s veterinarian you identify on this application.

If you feel you are unable to afford the up-front costs of purchasing the products at the retail prices, which could delay your investment's return, you may want to locate a sponsoring established business agency, which may contract with ISAHEALTH Fund to purchase products at wholesale costs. See the Established Business Application and Contract or contact us.

If you wish to purchase and sell ISAHEALTH Fund products for the purpose of supporting the ISAHEALTH Fund account, you must indicate ISAHEALTH Fund as the recipient on your application. The ISAHEALTH Fund is specifically set up to provide money solely for catastrophic illnesses for service animals. All other animal medical needs are raised through contracted businesses or individuals. If you wish to volunteer to help build the ISAHEALTH Fund service animal account, your effort will be greatly appreciated.