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Iris and Seemore Animal Health Fund

Mission Statement

The Iris Seemore Animal Health Fund is a nonprofit organization set up to raise money for animals with catastrophic illness, primarily focusing on service animals. In addition, it will raise awareness of the importance of respecting the rights of all creatures, as well as promoting pride and acceptance of all human animals regardless of their differences.

Who is involved? The two primary characters, Iris and her guide dog Seemore, will act as the key messengers of this mission. You can find them enjoying a stroll through their town of Mayhem and singing a song in their book and CD, "Walking Along With My Dog." They will also be found on other health fund products, which will be sold to raise money for the animals. Geri Taeckens, founder of this corporation, will oversee the functions of the health fund, engaging the assistance of the corporation's advisory committee and other interested volunteers to help with the fundraising efforts and awareness education on being different.

If you are interested in helping, check out the links below and find out how you can purchase or help sell the ISAHEALTH Fund items. Remember to check the site from time to time, as this is only the beginning of Iris and Seemore's effort to promote pride and acceptance for all.

Click here to view our organizational outline